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Tom and Tracy's Music Oasis
What an incredible evening.  The music was fantastic and Francis's storytelling moved me from tears to laughter.  What an experience this was.                    
Tracy Gryger

There are no words for the joy I felt  while listening to all those familiar songs Roy sang.  The setting of this house concert was so intimate.  Thank You Cadyville Concert Hall for creating such a beautiful space to enjoy this music.
Trish Phillips

Thank you Tom and Tracy! Speedy was so entertaining and when Alice Knight joined him it was pure magic! It was a special night and I thank you all for making it possible.
Jan Washburn -  CCHall page on facebook

I also thought it was fabulous! OK I'm a little prejudiced, Speedy is my brother, but it still was a Superb night at an amazingly beautiful venue!
Allison Arnold - CC Hall page on facebook

Jeffrey Gaines performance last night, terrific! Sounds cliche. but soulful, passionate, intense, sincere, true, just awesome!!!! His sense of humor was very refreshing and unexpected! Such an intimate venue made it truly memorable, wonderful! Thanks to all involved for such a lovely experience.
Kimberley McMannis Wright - CC Hall page on facebook

We were so lucky to have been there, awesome location, unbelievable artist!
Kelly Carter - CC Hall page on facebook

What an amazing night of music, humor and friendship. Francis and Dorie were fantastic together! Their performance was flawless. Can't wait to see them again! We definitely picked the right show to introduce my husband to the house concert experience! 
Debbie Passno - CC Hall page on facebook

Thanks so much for another great night of music and friends at Cadyville Concert Hall.  You bring a lot of magic to the North Country.  Your place is an incredible spot to gather the "JG" faithfull.
M. Carr 
Jay Lesage 
Lita Kelly
Speedy Arnold